The All-in-One Marketing Suite

We talk with a lot of doctors and medical groups. Through our conversations, a common theme emerged: Too many companies run their marketing through a patchwork of agencies doing different (and often, overlapping) things and, combined, spend too much for strategy and management.

VT Wyatt’s Compass solves those problems.

Compass is a proprietary suite of best-in-class marketing SaaS softwares, connected and customized for your practice to:

1) Attract new patients and clients
2) Remarket to and nurture potential patients and clients
3) Retain your existing patients and clients

Compass accomplishes all of the above, without burdening your team with more work.

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Attract New Patients + Nurture Potential Patients + Engage Existing Patients

What is Compass?

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Attract New Patients

Website & SEO

Your website is the online face of your practice and, along with your PPC landing pages, the hub of your marketing. With Compass, VT Wyatt builds your new or revised website on an SEO structure proven to rank highly in local results, tags visitors to your website for remarketing, and positions you as the expert that potential patients and clients will trust.

The SEO is baked into your site and maintained – no need to pay someone extra.

Compass makes you look good to potential patients and clients.

Attract New Patients

Pay-per-Click (PPC)

To grow your practice, you need to attract new patients while retaining existing patients. Though some doctors are content to rely on word of mouth, walk-ins, and the occasional “organic” visitor to their site, high-growth medical offices and medical groups know paid advertising is how strong growth is realized.

At VT Wyatt, we’ve focused on PPC from the beginning and, through Compass, provide you with a proven strategy and keyword base, which evolves based on your local market.

Our clients enjoy a $10+ return for every $1 they spend on PPC.

Attract New Patients + Nurture Potential Patients + Engage Existing Patients

A Simple CRM

As marketing pros, we’ve never walked into an overstaffed medical office. On the contrary, most front office staff tend to wear at least two hats, and following up on leads tends to be the third hat of “whoever has the time.”

Compass provides a best-in-class, easy-to-use, integrated CRM, designed specifically to help your team follow up on leads and nurture potential and existing patients.

Compass’ lead dashboard ensures nothing slips through the cracks, providing your busy team members with what they need to make that “third hat” transform them into superheroes.

Nurture Potential Patients + Engage Existing Patients

Email Marketing

Used correctly, email marketing performs the heavy lifting for any business, automating patient/customer nurturing, providing information, following up, reminding, encouraging, and keeping your business top-of-mind.

We designed Compass to execute the background portion of your marketing automatically, nurturing new leads, keeping in touch with your existing patients, and following up on leads from your website and PPC your team has been unable to contact.

If you choose, Compass will also send a monthly informational newsletter to your existing patients.

Attract New Patients


What happens to people who visit your website or landing pages but leave without calling your office, filling out a form, or scheduling their appointment?

All too often, they vanish without a trace.

Compass can remarket your practice to website and landing page visitors on Facebook, to ensure every marketing dollar counts.

Using images and “voice” consistent with your website and landing pages, Compass’ remarketing maintains the look and feel of your brand, presenting a consistent online presence to your potential patients and clients.

Everything turned up to 100

Compass Does it All

When it’s designed correctly, marketing is an intricate architecture of consistent, continuous effort – often difficult to accomplish with multiple providers or software that doesn’t “play well with others.”

Compass is built from best-of-class SaaS software, all of which works well together, creating a system that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Website & SEO
Google & Bing Ads (PPC)
Lead Pipeline Dashboard
Email Campaigns - Existing Patients & Potential Patients
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Easy on your Team

Marketing Built for You

Practice growth requires effective SEO and PPC to attract new patients, remarketing to capture the ones in danger of getting away, and email marketing and drip campaigns to nurture and keep in touch. Unfortunately, it’s tough to get comprehensive marketing at an affordable price – without overburdening your team.

VT Wyatt offers our flagship service – Compass – at a price that’s affordable for most practices. We believe in promoting businesses in general and excellent health and aesthetics specifically.

Let’s talk about growing your practice.

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