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VT Wyatt is a marketing agency dedicated to attracting new patients and clients for physicians, dentists, medical groups, cosmetic surgeons, and medical technology companies. Our proprietary marketing architecture connects quality patients and clients with our partners.

We accomplish this with a continually refined blend of paid search advertising, social media advertising, email marketing, website excellence, and Compass – our do-it-all marketing suite – honed to your needs and ambition.

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What We Do

We Get You More Patients

To grow your practice, you need new patients while keeping your existing patients. We combine high-ROI PPC and high-ranking websites with Compass, our marketing agency’s “backbone,” which does all the heavy lifting in the background.

Compass keeps in touch with your existing patients through newsletters and broadcast emails, and nurtures potential patients who might not have been ready to make an appointment immediately, but may be in the future.

Compass insures you squeeze the most from your marketing dollars, and nothing slips through the cracks.

How We Do It

An All-Encompassing Marketing Suite



If your office is like most, the last thing your staff needs is even more work chasing down website leads, scrambling to send out the monthly newsletter, trying to remember which patients they've called and what was said, and managing email drip campaigns.

Wouldn't it be great if all of that just happened in the background? If it just worked?

That's Compass - so you're always heading in the right direction.


Magnetic PPC

The most successful doctors in the country attract their patients with paid advertising on search engines and social media. From the beginning, we've focused on paid advertising.

Our propriety pay-per-click marketing architectures routinely deliver a revenue-to-spend ratio to our clients of 10:1 and above. That's $10+ in revenue for every dollar spent on PPC. We know what works. We’ll make it work for you, too.


compelling Websites

Your website is your public face, and where your potential patients will go before you know they exist. Your web presence must convey a positive, honest view of your practice while positioning you as the expert in your area, and the provider your potential patient wants to solve their medical, dental, or cosmetic problem.

We build beautiful, informative, high-ranking sites that compel potential patients to take the next step and make an appointment.

Who We Are

Our Leadership

Todd Whitaker is the owner and Marketing Architect of VT Wyatt. With over 15 years of brand and marketing experience, he oversees all aspects of our marketing agency. Under his leadership, we’ve served as the marketing backbone for rapid-growth startups, worldwide technology corporations, politicians, fitness pros, travel companies, financial services firms, doctors, and oral surgeons.

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