VT Wyatt is turnkey marketing, social media, public relations and advertising for businesses of all sizes. We help you build your message and get it to your customers, at a fraction of the cost of maintaining in-house marketing and social media departments, hiring a PR firm and retaining an advertising agency.

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Public Relations

We write timely, relevant press releases for you, release them to the right people for your business, track the effectiveness of your communication, and get you quoted in the write articles.


We help you create a message that reflects the reality of working with your company, we establish your image in the marketplace, synchronize your message with your products and customers, and build your presence in the marketplace.


We create original advertisements in print, web and/or broadcast mediums that speak to your audience, build excitement for your products and company, confirm your reputation and drive sales.

Social Media

We handle your social presence on the Internet, create a sociable, human "face" for your business, put out your message and respond to kudos and criticisms from your customers.

Web Development

We can build your web site using the latest technology and best practices, and deliver a site that accurately reflects your company and speaks to your customers.


We make the changes necessary to catapult your web site up the search engine rankings, optimize all communications to help you in the never-ending search engine competition and, if it's right for your company, we implement and/or manage your search engine marketing campaigns.

Establish Your Image

Businesswoman Stands Out from the Crowd to Establish Her ImageA crucial element to your success is how you present your company, vision and products to potential customers. Aligning your products and message with your company vision (why you do what you do) and effectively conveying that message to the right people cultivates loyal customers and builds your business. Learn More

Synchronize Your Message

Business People Drink Coffee Around a Table, Synchronizing Their Company MessageOnce you’ve determined who you are, what you stand for, and how your product or service is an extension of those beliefs, the next step is effectively communicating it to your niche market. Learn More

Build Your Web Presence

Beautiful Woman Metaphorically Building Web Presence with BlocksThere was a time, not so long ago, when it was enough to have a simple website, and tell people you were online. But, over the past few years, the Internet has evolved to the point where your website can and should do more for your business than be a point of information for current or potential customers. Learn More

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