Synchronizing Your Message with Your Vision

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Synchronizing Your Message with Your Vision

[image_frame style=”border”]vt-wyatt-web-development-social-media-management-advertising-425w-5[/image_frame]Once you’ve determined who you are, what you stand for, and how your product or service is an extension of those beliefs, the next step is effectively communicating it to your niche market.

A common mistake is to think with the phrase “tell it to the world” or some such thing. But that’s not what works, because the world is usually not receptive to your message. Only people pre-disposed to buy what you’re selling will respond immediately to an effective message that captures and communicates your product and your company. In addition, those same people, who are referred to in different contexts as “innovators” or “mavens,” will take your message to the greater world… without you spending another cent on the mass market. You can go poor speaking to the masses. Success lies in speaking to your niche.

[pullquote1 align=”right”]“The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.”
Simon Sinek, Start With Why[/pullquote1]As explained in countless texts, decisions both great and small are made at a gut level. So many common phrases refer to this sort of decision that listing them is both impossible and unnecessary. In short, people want their decision to “feel” right. In essence, the features and benefits of your product/service are only there to provide the logical support for a decision made after a silent battle for belief-share between you and your competitors. Now what if you could tip the scale in your favor by understanding how the battle is waged?

Your message emanates from your founder’s vision of what the company is and stands for. What your company stands for is your vision. The trick is in first getting to the essence of your company vision and then effectively and authentically communicating that to the innovators/mavens in your niche. From there the mavens tell their inner circle – the early adopters – and gradually the quality and/or coolness of your product spreads by word of mouth, which is countless times more effective than advertising.

To summarize, clarify your vision. Why does your company do what it does? In what does your founder – and hopefully your company culture – believe? For what greater purpose does your company exist? Once you have clearly articulated your vision, you now have the all-important cornerstone for all your messages. Begin with the vision, infuse it with your product/service, shake it up, package it, and aim at your niche.

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