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Building Your Web Presence

[image_frame style=”border”]marketing-public-relations-advertising-web-development-build-web[/image_frame]There was a time, not so long ago, when it was enough to have a simple website, and tell people you were online. But, over the past few years, the Internet has evolved to the point where your website can and should do more for your business than be a point of information for current or potential customers.

Your website should offer visitors the chance to stay informed about your business. Your website should offer an electronic version of your business’ real-world experience. It should provide the most commonly requested information immediately, to keep barriers to doing business at a minimum. It should set the tone for interactions to come. Your site should parallel the look and feel of your bricks-and-mortar operation. It should offer reasons for visitors to stick around, and enough content to keep them interested if they decide to dig deeper into your business. It should link to other businesses that complement your own. It should offer content rich enough to draw inbound links from other high quality websites. You should give something to your customers when they visit.

Another part of your web presence is email marketing and/or e-newsletter marketing. Customers or prospects who ask to be kept informed should hear from you on a weekly or bi-weekly or monthly basis. When your marketing piece arrives in their email box, they should recognize it and open it because they want to, not just from curiosity. Your customer’s desire to read about your business is established over time by delivering high-quality communications on a consistent basis, communications that reflect your company’s vision and products.

One of the most important weapons in a business owner’s online arsenal is The List, the opt-in email list of those who have asked to receive information from you. Your List includes your best customers and those potential customers closest to becoming customers. But how do you build it? What do you send them? How do you maintain a good relationship with your List?

There are so many aspects of an effective online presence that it can quickly become overwhelming, particularly if the various parts don’t work together seamlessly. When we build your web presence, we use elements that “play nice” with each other, enabling you to receive the benefit of current web marketing technology and techniques, without having to build it yourself or sift through the millions of opinions on what is important and what isn’t. We’ve done all the research for you, and we’ll implement it for you, too.

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