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About VT Wyatt

VT Wyatt began helping companies outsource their marketing departments in early 2002. The idea was to deliver the benefits of an in-house marketing department, public relations firm and full-service advertising agency available to companies of all sizes, at an affordable price.

VT Wyatt has worked on projects with both U.S. companies and foreign companies doing business in the United States. At a fraction of the cost of maintaining an in-house marketing department and hiring a social media management firm and advertising agency, VT Wyatt helps you communicate effectively with your customers, using the right mix of mediums for your message.

VT Wyatt works closely with you to help align your communications with your company’s products and culture, synchronize your message and establish your image with your customers, and build your presence in the marketplace. This results in increased media exposure, industry/consumer “buzz” and sales.

Among VT Wyatt’s clientele there are international technology manufacturers, daycare centers, and water treatment companies. Our engagement models are varied and can be customized to fit your needs. We provide on-demand individual services and turnkey web development, social media, and advertising services to our clients.

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